DJ Cables by MDC Gear


Because this is a very much a boutique operation, pricing will vary depending on your needs. As a guide, however, here are some prices for the most common types of cables people have ordered from me:

1m RCA Interconnect - £20/$30
2m RCA Interconnect - £25/$38

1m Premium RCA - £30/$50
2m Premium RCA - £35/$60

I'll add to this price list as and when people order cables from me based on the calculated pricing for their specification.

International Shipping

I'm based in the UK, so you might imagine that shipping costs would be expensive if you're a US/Canada resident; however, because we're dealing with such small items, it's actually pretty reasonable. For First Class (next day) shipping in the UK, it's £5. For shipping to the US and Canada, anything up to 4 cables comes in at around $15. These prices are based on 1-2m cables; if you're ordering much longer balanced interconnects, the pricing will be higher obviously.


I take payment via PayPal; obviously this is to be made before dispatch; however, I'll send you a photo of your first cable once it's been assembled before I go any further, and obviously before you pay anything. This is basically a way for you to a) check my work, and b) make sure the cable looks the way you want before either of us waste time, resources or money continuing with the process. I'll include photos of the whole cable, the sleeving, and the solder joints so you can make sure I'm not being a lazy boy with the assembly :-)

You're also covered with PayPal Buyer Protection for most transactions, so if - worst case scenario - I got hit by a bus on the way to the post office and you didn't receive your cables (don't worry too much though, I have a girlfriend who'd be willing to post out remaining orders upon my death - I already checked with her), you could claim the money back from PayPal and wouldn't be out of pocket. Bear in mind, however, that's not a licence to rip me off :-) If I'm NOT dead and you attempted a chargeback, I would of course dispute it :-P

Group Buys

I'm happy to help you guys out with shipping (if you think it's necessary) by allowing group buys for several DJs in one go. As far as I'm concerned, the more cables the better :-) The one thing I will say, however, is that the person I send them to MUST accept responsibility for handling distribution on your end. If someone gives you money for a cable that you've promised to send to them, make sure you do, because I will be passing the buck on to you if you don't do your part of the delivery :-P