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Cryptocurrency Payments!

Due to popular demand, I've decided to start accepting payments in two popular cryptocurrencies! You can now pay for your orders with either Bitcoins or Dogecoins, at current market exchange rates! The benefit to this is no transaction fees, plus it gives people something to spend their coins on :)

For more information about the various coins, please head over to the respective sub-Reddits for each currency:

Finished Cable

Handmade Cables

Each of my cables is made to order in any length, any colour, and with a choice of terminations. Current options include RCA, TRS and XLR. All of the components have been selected to specifically fulfil the needs of a working DJ, without sacrificing style for quality.

I provide my customers with photos of the production throughout the process, and will attempt ANY request regardless of how crazy the proposed design might be! These are not your average cables.

This project started because I wanted some snazzy looking cables to use for myself, and after showing people the end result on the DJ TechTools forums, the response was so positive that I decided to start making these for other people. And here we are today :-)

Premium Cables

Premium Cables

I now offer my cables in a pricier - but also more awesome - variety.

The Premium RCAs are individually sleeved for greater durability, and make use of thicker cablestock (6mm vs 4mm), even higher purity copper, and come equipped with some of the chunkiest RCAs on the market, which are adjustable (locking) for a tight fit to RCA sockets.

These are perfect for environments where heavy-duty gear is required, such as festivals, in addition to permanant installs where you won't be doing a lot of plugging/unplugging. A full set of these were recently used by Reloop at their stand at BPM, where DJ legends like Angelo and Fong Fong played through them.

Finished Cable

Coloured Sleeving

The sleeving that we use is available in a range of different colours, which can give your DJ setup a unique look and feel. The colours that we currently stock are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. We also offer plain Black sleeving if you like things understated.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it also offers you the ability to colour code your setup; one colour for each deck, for example, or maybe one colour for inputs and another for outputs; very useful if you're a DVS user.

It also prevents your cables from tangling up in your bag, as the sleeving only allows the cable to bend along a single axis; allowing you to roll your cables up nice and tightly without kinks or bends.

Finished Cable

RCA Connectors

For your custom line-level interconnects, we use a good quality nickel-bodied RCA plug with 24K Gold signal pin. This connector has been specifically chosen out of roughly 20 different models tested to offer you the best fit and feel; it's loose enough to make setting up as quick as possible, but tight enough that it won't wriggle free mid-set.

Whilst some manufacturers stress the importance of having exotic RCA connectors, I would like to stress that for DJing purposes (rather than audiophile setups), these cables - and the connectors on them - will not be the weak link in your signal chain. The key areas of importance for DJing cables are reliability, usability and fit & finish. Everything I use meets those criteria perfectly :)

Finished Cable


Each cable is sleeved, soldered and crimped by hand. These are ALL being made by yours truly, so the build quality is consistent for every cable produced, aside from the very rare minor variations due to sleep deprivation and caffeine withdrawal ;) Everything is tested during the process, rather than with mass-produced items which have one or two units tested out of every batch, so you can be sure that your cables arrive in working order.

If you have any problems with the cables you receive, please contact me either via e-mail or on Twitter and I'll do my best to sort things out for you. This isn't a corporate operation so you'll always be dealing directly with me :-)